Activate your mobile Compass account

Manage your money on the go! Get started using the Compass mobile app in just a few steps.


Step 1: Become a member of LGFCU

Compass is an exclusive service provided to members of LGFCU. Find out if you are eligible to join. Already a member? Proceed to step 2!


Step 2: Sign up for Compass

Once you're an LGFCU member, visit to create an account and complete the short setup wizard.

You’ll be prompted to enter a phone number so that you can receive an SMS code to your mobile phone,* or a voice-transmitted code to your landline (or mobile phone if you prefer), confirming that you’ve requested access to your account. If the login request to your account was initiated by you, enter the code as prompted on the two-factor authentication verification page. Your transactions and balances for added accounts will automatically sync and be categorized.


Step 3: Download the app

Once installed, please proceed to step 4 before launching. You’ll need the mobile activation code outlined below before you can use the app.

Download on the App StoreDownload on the Google Play store app


Step 4: Get your access code

Sign in to Compass on your computer. Click on the gear icon (Settings), then Mobile Devices. Choose "Generate Access Code." The access code is valid for only 10 minutes from the time it was created.


Step 5: Start using the Compass app!

From your mobile device, open the downloaded app and enter your access code. Now you can see your budgets, check your balances and manage your money no matter where you are!

Next Steps

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* Data and text messaging fees may apply; please check with your service provider.

Compass is powered by MoneyDesktop.

Depending on your wireless service provider, you may sometimes experience delays in receiving alerts. Data and text messaging fees may apply; please check with your service provider. LGFCU does not charge for Compass text alert service.

Alerts sent may not be delivered if your phone is not in range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time. Even within a coverage area, factors beyond the control of the Credit Union and/or your wireless carrier may interfere with message delivery, including your mobile device equipment, terrain, proximity to buildings, foliage and weather. While we will make efforts to initiate all alerts in a timely manner, we cannot control all external factors necessary for you to receive the alerts and as such you should not rely only on the alerts to maintain awareness of the status of your accounts. The Credit Union cannot assume liability for any negative consequences related to you not receiving Compass text alerts. By enrolling in alerts you acknowledge that alerts may not be timely received and that the Credit Union and your wireless carrier do not guarantee that alerts will be delivered.

Alerts are for information purposes only and will not contain specific account information or personally identifiable information such as your account number. Funds availability is subject to the individual’s Financial Institutions Rules and Regulations. Contact your financial institution for more information on their funds availability policies.

Security Note: The Credit Union will never request specific account information (such as account numbers or passwords) via text or email. We will also never send scam notifications requesting you to confirm information. If you should receive such a request, please contact us immediately.