New-Car Buying Service

The Car Buying Service is a great alternative to shopping and negotiating your own car deal. This program is only for new car purchases.

How it works

You build a vehicle with the options and packages you want. Next, the Credit Union will locate the car and assist in the purchase. Then, the Credit Union will arrange for delivery of the car to your nearest branch, office or home. Trade-ins are accepted.

Getting started

  • Step 1: Log in to Member Connect and click the Services tab
  • Step 2: In Auto Center select Car Buying Service
  • Step 3: Select Build Your Vehicle to access the Chrome Showroom*
  • Step 4: Shop for a car

*Please note: your Member Connect session will timeout if you do not return to it within 15 minutes. If your Member Connect session times out, simply sign on again to regain access to your accounts.

After selecting a vehicle and desired options or packages:

  • Select "Request a Quote"
  • Enter contact information
  • Use the Submit button to send the information to the Credit Union Contact Center
  • After receiving a quote, a representative will contact you to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.


The Credit Union has partnered with AAA to locate and deliver new cars. Once we find the vehicle you’ve requested, we will contact you with a price quote. At this point, there is no obligation to buy the vehicle. If you find the price quote acceptable, the Credit Union will then deliver the vehicle to your local branch for pick up and finalization of payment arrangements. You may also have the vehicle delivered to your place of work or residence.

Delivery is free within North Carolina. An additional charge may apply to deliveries outside the state, but delivery is only available for states sharing a border with North Carolina.


Members considering trading a vehicle at the time of the new car purchase should complete the trade-in information during their Chrome Showroom session. The Credit Union will work with AAA to obtain a price quote for the trade. If this price is acceptable, the vehicle will be traded when the new one is delivered.

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Next Steps

Log in to Member Connect to get started shopping for your new car today!