Aim: Financial advice for LGFCU members

Woman looking at paper
January 26, 2015

You had a great holiday, but now you may be tempted to hide from that credit card bill. Don’t hide. Focus instead on recovering from your holiday splurge.

Man holding a credit card
January 26, 2015

Credit cards are a great resource for building and maintaining credit. However, if a credit line is not managed properly, trouble is sure to follow. If you’ve made a few mistakes, we’ll show you how to fix them.

Woman paying for gas
January 26, 2015

With gas prices falling across the U.S., it may be tempting to spend the money you’re not spending on gas on something else, like shopping. Let’s look at a few alternatives to spending your extra cash.

January 13, 2015

There has been a flurry of changes to both state and federal tax laws that may impact your 2014 tax return. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when talking with your tax advisor this season.

January 6, 2015

Saving appears to be one aspect of our financial plan we often don’t put enough focus on. In an age of diversifying your assets, saving in specific categories with specific goals not only makes saving more effective, but more useful.