Aim: Financial advice for LGFCU members

Many top colleges allow you to take classes online for free
August 2, 2016

Whether you want to improve your accounting skills or learn woodworking, continuing your studies can be a great way to advance your career, prepare for a second one or perfect a new hobby.

House key
July 26, 2016

Unlike a down payment, closing costs aren’t usually the first thing you think about when buying a home. You can’t completely eliminate closing costs, but you can save a little at the end.

LGFCU card in mobile wallet
July 26, 2016

If you’re using mobile payments, tap and pay could make it too easy to spend and forget. This new level of payment freedom might derail your good spending habits so stay on track with these helpful tips.

Financial advisors at work
July 26, 2016

Financial advisors aren’t just for millionaires. Everyone can benefit from a little expert advice. So if you’re ready to choose a financial advisor, start with the basics.

Emergency Preparation Checklist
July 12, 2016

Make a plan — and practice that plan — to ensure you are safe and ready in advance of a weather emergency. These four steps can help you prepare.