Aim: Financial advice for LGFCU members

Finding money for a home downpayment
June 22, 2016

Worried you don’t have enough saved for a home down payment? Consider these strategies to help you find the money you need.

Mortgage loan application form
June 22, 2016

Selecting the most favorable rate, term and a lender you trust are crucial steps in finding the right mortgage.

How to choose the right insurance provider
June 22, 2016

Whether you are new to buying insurance or are shopping for the best rates and service around, here are some things to think about before you buy.

You can expect to recoup close to 80 percent of your costs for a deck addition.
June 14, 2016

Consider home improvement projects that can revitalize your home and add value, but not break the bank.

Woman samples local products
June 7, 2016

Did you know shopping locally can make your community a better place to live? Buying from locally-owned businesses keeps a lot more money in your hometown’s economy. Here’s how you benefit.