Aim: Financial advice for LGFCU members

family standing in front of house
June 23, 2015

National market trends like low interest rates and low down payments, coupled with a growing economy, makes now a great time to buy a house in North Carolina.

couple standing with realtor in living room of house for sale
June 23, 2015

As exciting as becoming a homeowner for the first time may be, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Before going to a single showing, get ready for house hunting with these first steps.

Man tiling the floor of his kitchen
June 23, 2015

Renovating your home can be just as valuable, and a lot less stressful, than buying another. These tips can help you keep your next home improvement project on track and within budget.  

renting vs. buying yard sign in front of a house
June 16, 2015

Should you buy your next home? Should you rent? Which is really more affordable? Moving to a new home is a big decision, and these factors can help you make the choice that best fits your needs and budget.

woman looking at new car with salesman
June 9, 2015

Ready to roll? If you’re in the market for your first brand new car, here are five ways to make your path to ownership a little less bumpy.