Nationwide "We Hear You" Video Contest let's consumers share what they want from a financial partner

McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union gives consumers a voice

September 13, 2012

East Windsor, NJ: In order to spearhead an industry-wide movement that demonstrates how credit unions provide financial wellness in ways the large banks can't or won't, McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union (McGraw-Hill FCU) has launched its "We Hear You" initiative.

This social media effort provides a nationwide platform for consumers to create and share video stories about their personal experiences with credit unions and large banks. The contest offers $1,500 in prizes and is open to anyone, including members of LGFCU, with a story to tell about their banking desires and experiences.

The "We Hear You" initiative was designed for the millions of Americans who continue to suffer from excessive fees and poor service offered by large banks. McGraw-Hill FCU wants to increase the awareness of credit unions as a viable financial alternative in a marketplace filled with disappointed consumers.

Entrants may share stories of how a credit union helped them achieve financial wellness or how they were frustrated with a bank that may have charged them unnecessary fees or imposed misleading account terms. The credit union has provided some inspiration to potential entrants through its original "We Hear You" video.

"By opening our 'We Hear You' contest to all consumers, we will raise awareness of the credit union industry and ask that our fellow credit unions join us in this exciting initiative." said Shawn Gilfedder, President and CEO of McGraw-Hill FCU.

Consumers have the power of choice, says Gilfedder, and he believes they should choose a banking partner interested in their financial well being rather than one that drains their funds through continuous fees.

"The good news for consumers is there are hundreds of credit unions nationwide providing low-fee accounts and services designed to strengthen finances rather than steadily assess unreasonable fees designed to replace lost profits," said Gilfedder. "Credit unions, which are not-for-profit, are a good choice for consumers who want a more caring alternative to these impersonal and often damaging high-fee relationships."

In addition to offering a channel for consumers to voice their opinions, McGraw-Hill FCU is also advising consumers to visit to learn more about how credit union and membership eligibility at one of the many credit unions nationwide.

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