Job Loss Help

Helpful programs if you or someone you know has lost a job

LGFCU encourages members who may be experiencing significant financial difficulties due to job loss to use the resources below.

Job search, unemployment benefits, and career training

The N.C. Employment Security Commission (ESC) has a wealth of resources including filing for unemployment benefits, finding a job and information on career training programs. Visit for more information.

A variety of services for all citizens of North Carolina

Losing a job impacts multiple areas of your life. The Department of Health and Human Services provides up-to-date information about programs and services across North Carolina for families, seniors, youths, veterans, and everyone in-between. Visit to find help to get you through tough times.

Consider a career at a credit union!

LGFCU occasionally has career opportunities for individuals who are highly skilled in their area of expertise, share a commitment to improving the lives of members, are people-centered, and pursue excellence in all that they do. Visit Careers for more information.

State Employees' Credit Union (SECU) is another not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative with the goal of helping the people in our community. Their site contains information on branch and administrative positions. Visit the SECU website to see current job listings.

Protect your home if you lose your job

  • The Home Protection Program helps those who have lost a job due to changing economic conditions, have a mortgage secured by real property, demonstrate the ability to resume the mortgage after assistance ends, and have had a satisfactory mortgage and credit payment history prior to losing the job. The loan assistance can only be used to make payments on your primary residence located in North Carolina. You may receive a 0% interest rate loan to bring the mortgage current, receive up to 6 months of payments while you look for work, or up to 24 months while you participate in an approved retraining program. This program is funded by the State of North Carolina and administered through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency in partnership with housing counseling organizations that serve all 100 counties. Download the NCHFA Foreclosure Flier for more information.
  • LGFCU's Mortgage Assistance Program finds ways to help members stay in their homes if they are facing delinquency, foreclosure or possible loss of income in the near future. Senior Credit Union Officers will meet with members face-to-face whenever and wherever possible and investigate all opportunities that may help stabilize a member's financial situation. Visit your local branch or Call the Contact Center at 888.732.8562 or in Raleigh 919.857.2150.

LGFCU reaches out to subprime victims

Similar to a successful effort in 2007 in which LGFCU reached out to potential subprime victims helping more than 100 stay in their homes, the Credit Union is again taking action. A direct mail campaign is currently underway to 12,400 members, offering options to uncomfortable mortgage situations. If you—or someone you know—need help, please give LGFCU a call at 877.367.5428.

Take advantage of our One-on-One Financial Planning

Discuss your financial situation with LGFCU's certified financial planners for free! Find out more about how we can help. Visit Financial Planning, call 877.367.5428 or email to arrange for your complimentary consultation.

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