Advisory Councils

Advisory Council volunteers assist the LGFCU Board and management by getting the word out about the benefits of Credit Union membership. They also provide ideas that would help other members on topics such as new financial products, services, and delivery of service. Council members work closely with the Volunteer Development Officer by phone and email and have access to an exclusive online quarterly newsletter.

Our Generation – Speakin’ Up

Our Generation – Speakin’ Up (OGSU) is LGFCU’s youth Advisory Council. This group also helps spread the word about the credit union and provides feedback on products and services for young adults, teens and children.

Youth are eligible to be nominated to Our Generation – Speakin’ Up one month prior to entering the 9th grade through one month prior to beginning the 12th grade.

Council meetings

Being a council member doesn’t require a huge time commitment. Regional Councils meet locally in the fall and in April for our statewide volunteers meeting in Raleigh. OGSU meets regionally in the summer and in January attends a youth retreat in Raleigh.

Our Advisory Councils need you, too!

Volunteers have always been important in the credit union world. We can never have too many members helping us to improve on our products and services, and educating potential members about the benefits of using a credit union for all their financial services. Bring us your ideas to improve the lives of members! Find a council near you.

Contact the LGFCU Volunteer Development Team at 800.344.4846 or to learn how you can join a council.
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