Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative established to serve the financial needs of local government employees, elected officials, volunteers and their families.

A credit union charter

With the support of the N.C. League of Municipalities and the N.C. Association of County Commissioners, LGFCU received its federal charter on March 24, 1983 from the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

Same place, different name

In 2006, LGFCU changed its formal name, North Carolina Local Government Employees' Federal Credit Union, to what had previously been its trade name, Local Government Federal Credit Union. This change has helped LGFCU better manage the credit union’s brand and, in turn, better protects members from phishing and other Internet/email cons.

Our mission, our philosophy: people helping people and communities

For 30 years, LGFCU has been dedicated to the "people helping people" principle adopted by credit unions worldwide. Our mission is "To improve the lives of our members."

Are LGFCU and SECU the same credit union?

Although some find it confusing when they first go to a branch with a State Employees’ Credit Union sign, the LGFCU and SECU connection is a simple one. Through a contractual agreement, LGFCU pays SECU personnel to provide services to LGFCU members. This is an efficient and convenient way to serve each and every member.

LGFCU has a different field of membership as well as its own board of directors and administrative staff. Some services and many policies and rates are the same for both credit unions; however, there are occasions when these differ. These variations are usually because of the different demographic and financial makeup of the two credit unions.

Stability and security for all your financial matters

We put member needs first. Over the years we have stayed the course amid a whirlwind of changes in society, to the economy and among financial institutions, all to fulfill our original purpose of improving members’ lives. We remain committed to helping our members prosper by offering affordable, safe and comprehensive financial services through good times and bad. That’s something that will never change.

First LGFCU Board of Directors
Board Member Organization
Lynn Tucker
April 1983-April 1984
Wake County
Andrew D. Flick, Jr.
April 1983-April 1984
Davidson County
Ernest Bell
April-September 1983
N.C. League of Municipalities
Kramer Jackson
April 1983-April 1985
Johnston County
Patricia Crotts
April 1983-April 1995
Town of Chapel Hill
Ellis Hankins
September 1983-April 1987
N.C. League of Municipalities
Edmund Regan
April 1984-April 1985
N.C. Association of County Commissioners
Edwin Hatch
April 1983-April 1989
Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

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