The Point

I have spoken to several folks who have either personally been affected by the coronavirus or who know someone who has felt its impact. For those of you who have lost loved ones, please accept our sincere sympathy for your pain. If you’re ill, we wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

Care during unsteady times

Trials like this remind us of the importance of family, faith and friends. These principles ground us with values that make us a community. This is especially so for local government folks who have been on the front line throughout the challenges of these past months. We are so very grateful for your commitment and sacrifice.

The pandemic has brought more on our communities than health fears. The slowdown in commerce has caused job losses, increased food insecurities for some families and put some consumers in fear of losing their homes.

When uncertainties abound, it seems natural to look for solutions. We want to know who to turn to for answers, resources and relief. We need to know that others care and have our best interest in mind when we need assistance.

The Credit Union difference

I’ve been telling you your Credit Union is more than just another financial institution. On the surface, most financial products look like everybody else’s. The differentiator is the philosophy of the organization offering the services.

At our core, the Credit Union is different for some very important reasons. We start with who owns the Credit Union. You do! You have a right to expect treatment that goes beyond being a mere customer. Here at LGFCU, we believe members deserve services that solve a real need or address a problem. At the conclusion of every transaction should be a member who is closer to his or her dreams.

Just because we are weathering the impact of COVID-19, life is not on hold. Your aspirations for retirement someday, college for your children and homeownership are not cancelled.

We’re here to help you rebound from a loss, readjust your financial plans and keep on a steady course. Your Credit Union remains ready to help you thrive.