The Point

Each year, I look forward to attending the N.C. State Fair. The fair brings back childhood memories of eating too much cotton candy, playing games to win prizes and climbing aboard the most daring rides.

Living on a farm, I especially liked the petting zoo and viewing the livestock at the Fair. I’m not a kid anymore. I need to watch what I eat. I haven’t won a prize in years. I’ve lost my nerve for daring rides. However, I still like petting the baby goats. These days, I spend more time with the homemade food displays, judging giant melons and sampling jellies.

The State Fair is a wonderful display of all things that make North Carolina a wonderful place to call home. The variety of activities reminds me of some lessons all consumers should know about financial services. (You should’ve known I was going there.) Take for instance the folks at the fair who, for a small price, will attempt to guess your age or weight. If they get it wrong, you win a prize. But when it comes to financial services, you don’t want a provider guessing what you need. Therefore, your Credit Union listens to you and then recommends services that fit your lifestyle.

The haunted house is lots of fun in a weird kind of way. But who wants to be frightened of their finances? Money management is scary when you don’t know how your money disappears. It’s best when you’re prepared for surprises that jump out at you. This is why LGFCU focuses on personal financial advice to help you get ready for the unknown.

I’m amazed at how high monster trucks can jump. As cool as that may be, your family probably doesn’t need a truck that can smash other vehicles on the road. When it comes to vehicle financing, your Credit Union focuses on your budget. And the features you really need.

This year, I think I’ll give that guessing game another try.