The Point

Thirty-six years ago, Local Government Federal Credit Union began with the fundamental idea that local government employees, elected officials and volunteers deserve affordable, responsible financial services.

Over the years, our Credit Union services have been designed to meet the evolving needs of members. Today, we embark on a new journey to serve the local government community with the creation of Civic Federal Credit Union, a new financial institution that offers a novel approach to financial services.

Dedicated to hometown heroes

You may ask, “Why Civic and why now?” First, the name “Civic” reflects our affection for the hometown heroes that make our neighborhoods work. Local government folks like you inspire us with your dedication to creating great communities. Civic plans to echo the LGFCU spirit and give you more great choices for financial empowerment.

You asked, we answered

Second, we launched Civic because you asked us to. Well, not in so many words. You said you wanted a solution for small businesses that are the lifeblood of many communities. You told us that many of your households depend on self-employment for your livelihood. You asked us to reimagine services that fit your lifestyle. You wanted a choice in how you may customize financial services. We heard you!

When we chartered Civic, we hardcoded the ability to offer business services and unique consumer products into the infrastructure. We are excited about the possibility that Civic can break the mold and give members the opportunity to chase their dreams.

When was the last time a financial institution brought you the kind of excitement that changes the conversation around your kitchen table? When has a financial institution ever offered you a financial promise that expresses hope for your family’s future? We think you will find this and more at Civic.

While Civic is unique, some things have remained the same. Both LGFCU and Civic focus primarily on North Carolina’s local government employees, volunteers and their families. And, the same great employees who serve you at LGFCU will continue to serve you at Civic.

See what’s new at Civic — a financial institution built just the way you want it.