The Point

Forty-two years ago, I learned a valuable lesson as a young loan officer.

Starting my career, I moved into a Raleigh apartment to begin my new job. I needed everything. Fresh out of college, I had little money. I turned to the Credit Union for a loan to buy a bed. Seeing as I worked at the place, I figured I was a shoo-in.

The branch manager had me complete a loan application. I waited in the lobby for what felt like hours while he reviewed my request. Afterward, he looked at me and asked how I felt. “Nervous,” I replied. He said, “Good. Now you know how many of our members may feel when they approach the Credit Union for a loan.”

He advised me to remember that pit in my stomach. That feeling would always remind me to empathize with members who need our help. I remember that exact feeling to this day.

As a lender, I have written hundreds of loans. Each loan request deserves special attention. Each member’s situation is unique. I remember many of the stories you’ve told me. This is how we humanize the process of helping members with credit needs.

Today, many financial institutions reduce members to a number — a credit score. Think of your score as a grade the credit reporting agencies assign to show how dependable you are at repaying your debts.

The problem with a credit score is it doesn’t tell a story. If you have blemishes on your credit, the score does not tell us why and how you have clawed your way back. A credit score does not reflect your character and your determination to honor your word.

At LGFCU, you’re more than a credit score. We see your humanity. We empathize with your trials and your grit to make financial improvements. Your story includes your occupation, family and dreams for the future.

We do things differently at the Credit Union. We promise to treat each member with dignity and as an individual.

Don’t settle for being a number. Know you are a member here.