President’s Point

Recently, I read a business magazine article about relationships. Not the kind of relationship one seeks through a dating web site, but the business relationships consumers have with companies and their brands.

According to the author, most consumers have specific expectations of the products and services they select and that businesses should try to understand how customers want to be served. Treating a customer in a way that does not align with his/her expectations could lead to unmet expectations. This is a fancy way of saying that if customers don’t get what they want, they will be disappointed.

The writer points out some consumer relationships are adversarial. These customers don’t mind haggling for bargains. Take car buying. Quibbling over price is par for the course. You suspect the seller is not on your side; you go prepared to negotiate.

The article says some relationships are cozier and comforting … consumers want to feel good for having chosen a particular brand. Here, it matters most to a customer how one is treated.

So, this got me thinking. What do members want from LGFCU? Some members have shared testimonies of how the Credit Union helps them by being proactive and recommending beneficial services. I’ve had members say the Credit Union is an essential part of their lives. They are in a long-term commitment with LGFCU.

Other members think of the Credit Union as just another errand along with the dry cleaners. While you enjoy our services, you are not necessarily committed. Yet. You just want to date; not get married. We respect that.

Whatever your expectations, we want you to have the kind of relationship with LGFCU that improves your life. We are here for you as your financial needs evolve.

If LGFCU had a dating profile, we would describe ourselves as strong, dependable and friendly. Likes to take long walks. If interested, get to know us better.