President’s Point

The other day, our daughter Raven stopped by for a visit. We were cleaning out a closet and found an old photo album. She laughed out loud when she came across my high school senior picture.

I tried to explain it was the `70s and everybody dressed like that. She wasn’t buying my excuses. It did not help that my wife joined in the teasing. I must admit I have changed over the years. Gone is the long hair and scraggly beard. I now have gray hairs to reflect my age. I no longer wear bell-bottomed pants. Usually, I am found in a shirt and tie.

My perspective on the world has changed since that photo was taken 40 years ago. I have learned the importance of sound money management and financial planning. I know how costly it is to rear children, buy a home and make ends meet. I have learned that putting aside a little money for a rainy day can come in handy for life’s mishaps.

Most of you have probably seen changes in your lives as well. I suspect your priorities are different from the past as your jobs, education and family needs have evolved. So, too, likely have your attitudes about money. The financial demands of young parents are likely different from the needs of retirees with grandchildren. With each lifecycle, your financial profile changes to reflect the season. This perspective is what drives all of us at LGFCU.

When you approach the Credit Union for financial services you are speaking to folks who share your hopes and dreams, as well as your apprehensions about money. We know how important good money management is to the welfare of your family. This viewpoint makes us more determined than ever to help you be successful with your money matters.

I took some friendly ribbing from my family for how I looked in 1975. That’s okay… payback is coming. I’m looking through the house for my wife’s high school pictures next.