President’s Point

Have you ever wanted your 15 minutes of fame? I’m talking about that moment of publicity when you become the talk of the town — in a good way, of course. If you say yes, here’s your chance.

The Credit Union publicizes its services to over 250,000 members every day in various ways. We speak to our members through our website, social media, printed publications and in-person meetings around North Carolina. We want all members to know of the benefits they have in being owners of LGFCU.

We realize the best advertisement is personal testimonies. But a testimony need not be just in the words. Showing photographs of real members who endorse LGFCU services is helpful to other members seeking guidance. For this reason, we invite you to send us your photos, selfies and other likenesses for inclusion in Credit Union publications.

Remember that great photo you took while on vacation? That could be a wonderful example of how LGFCU helped a member save money to get away and spend time with family. Proud to show off that new car? Send us a pic with you in the photo.

We want members to know that an LGFCU vehicle loan made your dreams come true. We especially want photos of special moments in your life. Graduation is a happy time and an opportunity to show off your achievements on the Credit Union website. LGFCU helps members every day. Photos of everyday life make this point well.

The marketing and legal folks here in the office are tapping me on the shoulder. They want me say that we only want wholesome photos. Also, we may ask you to sign a simple release so we can use your photo. Enough with that.

If you have a great picture that represents your experience with LGFCU, email it to the Aim editor.

Let’s see if we have a celebrity among us.