President’s Point

Each year about this time, your Credit Union gets ready to make plans for the upcoming year. During the summer and fall seasons, the staff and Board undergoes a series of meetings to develop the budget and strategic plans. I mention this now since I’m inviting you to become an honorary member of the LGFCU Planning Committee.

Before we get started, you should know a little something about how we plan for the growth of your credit union. The LGFCU Strategic Business Plan is a document outlining what goals we plan to accomplish and how we’ll go about serving members. The Plan also lays out the Credit Union’s core values. This is important because we don’t want to abandon the very principles that make your Credit Union so special.

An effective Strategic Plan must consider the current competitive markets and influences (e.g. technology) on the future of Credit Union operations. Plus, we must constantly adjust to your changing needs. The Plan factors in members’ preferences for convenience and affordability. When we ponder new products and member services, we do so with an eye toward how will any new initiatives help you. As members, you’re our most important consideration.

Here’s how you can make a difference: send us your ideas for new services. Tell us what you like about the Credit Union. But don’t stop there. Let us have it if you think we can improve in some areas. We always want to be better at meeting your financial needs.

Remember, we take the time to read every one of your ideas. Some of the services offered by your Credit Union today are the result of members’ input from the past. Your recommendations may be for an entirely new class of services or improvements on some of our current offerings.

Got a great idea? Go ahead and share it with me on Facebook or Twitter. You can also email me the next big thing you believe will help shape the Credit Union’s future.