President’s Point

Our daughter has a new puppy named King. Occasionally, I’m asked to puppy sit when she has other plans. King likes to play, eat treats and get belly rubs. Of course, who doesn’t?

With a name like King, you’d think she expects him to grow and become a large dog. He’s a toy poodle. The squirrels in our back yard are larger. Regardless of size, King has some of the same needs as any dog: food, shelter, healthcare and love.

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. A puppy does not always do as he’s told. Nor is he choosy about which shoes he chews. Even so, he is irresistibly cute. When he looks at you with those big brown eyes, all is forgiven.

As you have often seen me do, I like to apply financial lessons to everyday occurrences. And I think there is a metaphor here to share. You see, I am reminded that tending to a pet is similar to managing money. Here’s what I mean:

Pets need training. It takes time, patience and commitment to teach a dog new tricks. Money does not come with instructions either. One might not generally know how to budget, manage and grow money. This is where your Credit Union comes in. We have experience in getting your money to behave.

Pets come in all sizes. Some are large and need lots of room to roam. Others are petite, like King, and can be carried. Money is like that, too. The budgets of some members require attention to debt reduction. Other members want to find the best investments for their goals. Like our pets, each member’s finances are unique. LGFCU understands that.

Pets like to have fun. When it comes to money, it’s no fun when you are struggling. If you need help, you can call your Credit Union for assistance.

Don’t let your money roll over and play dead. We’ll help you learn a few new tricks.