President’s Point

Recently, I was standing in a grocery store line waiting to check out. In the cart just ahead of me was a toddler sitting in the child seat. He started reaching for the candy on the shelf near the register. His mother told him ‘no.’ This set off an epic temper tantrum. 

As adults, we don’t like being told ‘no’ anymore than a child — even if it is for our own good. When it comes to financial services, I imagine you don’t like being told ‘no’ either. We keep this thought in mind when we talk to members about their requests for Credit Union services. Telling a member ‘no’ is a hard message to deliver. We’d rather say ‘yes’ all of the time.

Giving a negative answer disappoints you and makes us feel bad. So, we look for reasons to say ‘yes’ as often as we can. In fact, we try to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ by helping members understand what must be done to correct a challenging situation. We realize that bad things happen in all our lives. Recovering from a hurtful divorce, embarrassing bankruptcy or devastating illness can be difficult. For this reason, the Credit Union specializes in helping members turn around their financial situations.

We say ‘yes’ to members who want a better life for themselves and their families. We help members by offering financial services that are responsibly priced, with reasonable rates, competitive fees and sensible terms. When members choose LGFCU products and services, they are selecting financial services that will help their families save money.

We say ‘yes’ to members who want a financial institution focused on their needs. Not all financial institutions put their customers first. The fact is many customers are often at odds with their institutions. Here, members are the only owners of the Credit Union. This makes you the priority.

Nobody likes being told ‘no.’ Let us show you how we say ‘yes’ at your LGFCU.