President’s Point

Our office is abuzz. One of our coworkers had a baby. It’s a boy. Nine pounds. Mother and the new arrival are doing fine. We are tickled pink. Well, actually in this case, we are tickled blue. In any event, we are thrilled.

A new baby brings all sorts of excitement. Babies are adorable. They smell good — most of the time. Babies restore our feelings of hope for the future. We parents proudly stick out our chests at every recital and soccer match. We enjoy seeing our little ones becoming independent people.

Babies aren’t complicated. The little tykes want to be held and loved, made to feel safe. 

While babies are not complex, the job of a parent or guardian can be. Our role is to make sure children have the necessities of life and the opportunity to grow into amazing adults. To do this, we have to make many choices. Decisions about saving for college and teaching them about money matters are important responsibilities. 

Even so, while rearing children, we cannot neglect our own personal finances.

Grown-up personal finance needs are very complex. At your Credit Union, it’s our job to help you make the right decisions about your money to help you and your child grow.

Start your children on the right foot by opening an LGFCU Fat Cat account. It’s going to be awhile before a new baby gets a job all his own, so you can use payroll deduction or funds transfer to start them on a savings path. When your baby gets older, you can start the conversation about how money works.

For adults, we offer products and services to help you reach your financial goals. Don’t have a goal in mind? We can help you think about that, too. It all begins with a question: what do you want for you and your baby in the future?

Babies are delightful. Prepare for their and your future with LGFCU.

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