President’s Point

As LGFCU members — local government leaders, elected officials, appointees, volunteers and employees — you are vital public servants at the grassroots level of citizen-led government.

Our system of representative government encourages citizens to participate in public policy discussions. Your LGFCU Board and management engages our Washington, D.C. and North Carolina representatives on issues affecting credit unions. However, we have been reluctant to invite your involvement. We were afraid you’d take it the wrong way.

After speaking with many of you, we have had a change of heart. It’s time we ask for your input and engage you in the discussion. What do we mean by engagement? Simply sharing information.

From time to time, issues come up in our nation and state capitols that could impact LGFCU. When these issues arise, we want you to know all about it. Engagement may also mean action and advocacy. There may come a time when we need you to speakup on behalf of your Credit Union. We would only ask you to be involved after you have been given a fair and balanced report on the issues.

It’s also important you know what engagement is not. LGFCU will not endorse candidates or political parties. Your Credit Union has friends across the political spectrum and in all chambers of government.

Engagement does not mean trying to influence public policy in local governments.  LGFCU is most impacted by policy set at the national and state levels. Engagement also does not include taking a position on non-credit union issues. Your Credit Union will speak to you when we believe we have an issue relevant to your financial interests.

We have added a page on credit union public policy to our website. We’ll keep it updated with issues affecting LGFCU. Lastly, we don’t say it enough: thank you for all you do. Your roles as local government workers and active citizens make all the difference.