President’s Point

Our son is a Navy Sailor stationed in Japan. We miss him a lot. To stay connected, we talk with him every week using video chat on our mobile phones. 

These days, so much of how we communicate with one another includes the use of video. We use video cameras to record special events. Videos bring us first-hand accounts of newsworthy happenings. Video makes us feel closer to others.

I find looking into the eyes of someone helps me get a sense of their sincerity and wellbeing. When I cannot be with someone in person, video can be a pretty good substitute.

Your Credit Union wants to use more video to communicate with you. You’ve already seen some uses on this website and our social media sites. We use video to show you how to get the most out of your Credit Union services. We believe the more you know about LGFCU’s benefits, the more we can help you make better financial decisions.

So share your videos with us. We’d like to see how we’ve helped you. Wondering what videos to send? While I like cat videos as much as the next person, we are looking for videos on how LGFCU has helped you. Financed a cool, new vehicle with an LGFCU auto loan? Show it off. Did we help you buy your dream home? Give us a virtual tour.

We realize managing money can seem complicated. Sometimes we just need practical examples to show us the way. Sharing your LGFCU story helps fellow members. When we see how others have used financial services to improve their lives, we learn how to apply the lessons to ourselves. To bring your story to life, we encourage you to record your message. Post your video on your Facebook page and tag LGFCU. We’ll share with members.

We look forward to our weekly video chats with our son. It’s nice to see his face and know he’s safe. Now, we are trying to figure out how to get a video hug.

Please refer to our Social Media Policy for a refresher on what you should or should not post on Facebook.