President’s Point

A few weeks ago, a family member became ill. Frantically, we dialed 911 for help. In no time, first responders were at the front door. 

These men and women were terrific; highly trained and proficient. Right away, they administered care by diagnosing our family member’s condition. They asked about medications, recent doctor visits and the events leading to the crisis.

The first responders were even sensitive enough to notice the worried faces of family members standing helplessly nearby. One even took time to explain what was happening and get our assistance making the patient feel at ease. 

It is moments like this that make me really proud to work for LGFCU. Our Credit Union is dedicated to serving the financial needs of people who serve us all. Local government public servants should be credited with much of the reason North Carolina is such a wonderful place to live. 

Inspired by the care we received from these first responders, I find myself asking if LGFCU can do likewise for all our members. When I think about it, members can have financial emergencies. Something breaks down … a loved one is hospitalized … or some other major expense can hit our budget anytime. When a financial emergency happens, LGFCU should be the 911 call members make. 

The first thing LGFCU does when a member calls for help is diagnose the situation. We want to hear what led to the emergency. What options are there to achieving a good result? 

Sometimes, financial emergencies can be solved with a loan. This is the first-aid treatment. To prevent a reoccurrence, we recommend help with a budget, automated savings deductions and financial planning for the future. While it’s important to solve today’s dilemma, preventing tomorrow’s financial emergency is just as vital. 

The family member I mentioned is doing fine. Now, let’s get you ready should you need to call 911 for your money.