President’s Point

I have turned over a new leaf and decided to go green. No, this has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day. I have decided to go green in every area of my financial life. This means I will use electronic services as much as possible to manage my money.

For me, going green is not so much an ecological stance as it is for economic reasons. Don’t misunderstand me. I believe we should all do our part to safeguard and protect the environment. After all, we only have one planet on which to live.

When it comes to my finances, I figure if I can save time and money, I come out ahead. The new, greener me is going to use e-services for everyday financial transactions. I’ll start with automated pay options for any loans, utilities and insurance payments. Having my accounts drafted will save on stamps, envelopes, fuel and time. In addition, if I forget, my bills will still be paid on time. This will avoid the occasional late fee or penalty.

Another way I will be greener is by signing up for LGFCU e-statements. Having my account statements delivered online makes recording-keeping a breeze. Further, e-statements ensure faster access to my account information and a safer way to keep my private data away from strangers.

I plan to take full advantage of all the digital and remote options for accessing my Credit Union. Services such as mobile banking, Member Connect, CashPoints® ATMs, and the Contact Center let me reach the Credit Union on my terms… and on my time.

Thanks to my new green attitude, there’s no telling how many dollars and trees I will save. And there’s something in this green strategy for you: join me in going green.

Let me know how you access LGFCU using our automated, remote and digital services. Post your progress on our Facebook page or email me directly.