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As an LGFCU member, you know we strive to improve the lives of our members in a variety of ways. In order to provide you with the best member service possible, we encourage staff to embrace the following four Core Values.


Act with Integrity

Trust and honesty are essential to building strong member relationships, and a strong business, which is why we’re transparent about the Credit Union’s operations. We do things like post our monthly financial information and yearly audits so you stay informed about how the Credit Union is doing. We also keep you informed on social media,, through our quarterly Aim magazine, by email and more, about important information related to your finances.


Never Quit Learning

What is good for you and is good for the community, is good for the Credit Union. We encourage self-empowerment through continued education and personal development.

In support of a lifetime of learning, we partner with universities such as NC State University’s Public Safety Leadership Initiative and the UNC-School of Government, to provide continuing education specific to our core members — local government employees. As you, our members, grow and learn, you help North Carolina communities become stronger and serve them better.

We also encourage our staff to attend professional training to stay current on the Credit Union’s operational needs. Whether it’s learning new ways to keep your accounts secure or better ways to share information with you, you can be confident that the people who work for you never stop learning.


Pursue and Celebrate Diversity

We serve a diverse membership, so we all benefit from the valuable talents and unique perspectives of a diverse and inclusive Credit Union staff as well. Improving lives requires an understanding of our members’ unique challenges and needs, and innovation to meet them. LGFCU is successful because we respect and encourage individual differences and perspectives.


Make a Positive Impact

To help you get and stay on a sturdy financial footing, we have to make sure the communities you live in are strong enough to support you, too. That’s why we offer more than just credit union services. You’ll see us volunteering in communities across North Carolina, supporting economic development projects, pursuing environmentally friendly endeavors and much more. Check out the many ways LGFCU gives back statewide through initiatives near you.

Next Steps