2021Annual ReportAnnual Report

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Looking Forward, Looking Ahead

At LGFCU we measure our success by your success, and by all accounts the wins didn't come easy in 2021.

With pandemic and economic challenges touching many member families, it was a year to dig deep and remind ourselves what we're made of. Your Credit Union proved strong, just like you did, laser-focused on providing the financial solutions you need now, while adding new ones to help you move forward.

New products like a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage. New services like the LGFCU Mobile App. A recommitment to funding professional development scholarships to power your future. Credit scores rising, and new members joining.

The good news is all here in this 2021 Annual Report, and we have lots to celebrate. Together, we're still growing strong. Together, we're proving yet again that we've got what it takes to succeed.